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Luboš Fišer (1935 - 1999)

Luboš Fišer is one of the Czech Republic’s most influential and versatile composers of the 20th century. Many of his compositions were written under difficult political conditions during the Communist regime, setting the basis for the emergence of his particular style, and establishing him as a composer of significance.

Luboš Fišer was born in 1935 in Prague, capital of the then Czechoslovak Republic, where he lived for the duration of his life. He studied composition at the Prague Conservatory and continued at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague as a pupil of professor Emil Hlobil. Fišer’s early compositions were influenced by late Romanticism and neo-Classicism, whereas his individual compositional style began to take shape towards the end of his studies. In 1960, he graduated in composition with the production of his one-act opera, Lancelot. The success of this opera foreshadowed his later compositions for the theatre, film and television which would exceed 300 works.


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