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Félicie Széchényi (1838 - 1920)

Félicie Széchényi, née Horváth de Szentgyörgy, wife of Ferenc Széchényi’s grandson Gábor, was born in Pest in 1838 and died in 1920 in Hegyfalu, in Hungary. Her father Antal Horváth was a hussar captain and her mother was Baroness Paula Orczy. In 1873 Félicie gave birth to her daughter Eugénia, 14 years into her marriage.

Félicie Széchényi published her polkas Herzblatt (‘Sweetheart’), 7 Uhr früh (‘7 in the Morning’) and Dorette with the Vienna publishers, Musikaliendruckerei von Jos. Eberle & Co. The Eberle house was established in 1873 and operated under the name Waldheim-Eberle from around 1890. The works must therefore date from between 1873 and 1890. Félicie wrote these pieces in the same year her daughter was born or shortly afterwards, seemingly in the flush of motherhood. Immer lustig (‘Always cheerful’) was published in 1914 by Max F. Aichwalder Musikalienhandlung und Verlag Wien.

Her dances are lively, melodious and atmospheric pieces.

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