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Mariano Mores (1918 - 2016)

Mariano Mores was the ultimate crossover media star, succeeding in the recording studios, radio, TV and movies. His shows tended to gravitate towards the Music Hall style of performance, where lighting, dancers, singers and the composer himself conducting from the piano, became huge undertakings.

During the 1960s, the members of his extended family which included his wife, son and daughter, daughter-in-law and his own brother performed together as La Familia Mores. Underestimated for his popularised and commercialised attitude towards tango, his style was not well received. However, nobody could deny his great compositional talent. ‘He carries the melody in his head’, people said.

He was a piano virtuoso with more than 300 recordings, and the author of famous tangos such as Taquito militar, Adios Pampa Mia, Uno, Cafetin de Buenos Aires, Cuartito azul, En esta tarde gris, Gricel, Cristal and Sin palabra.

– Mirian Conti


Role: Composer

Role: Artist