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Eugeny Ivanovich Pomazansky (1883 - 1948)

Eugeny Ivanovich Pomazansky, the son of Ivan Pomazansky and Valentina Liadova, the only and beloved nephew of Anatoly Liadov, studied piano at the Saint Peteresburg Conservatoire; his teacher in composition was Rimsky-Korsakov. Eugeny also studied under Anatoly Liadov and Balakirev. He taught in Saratov, Saint Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad and Tomsk, performed as a pianist and gave lectures. In 1940 he founded and took the helm of a music school in Pskov, and was also involved in rebuilding it after the Second World War. He wrote music throughout his life, but almost all of his manuscripts are lost.

Igor Prokhorov and Anatoly Evgen’evich Pomazansky