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Matteo Bevilacqua

Italian concert pianist Matteo Bevilacqua currently holds the position of artist-in-residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Belgium. He has garnered international recognition having recorded for esteemed labels such as Naxos Records and Grand Piano. His albums have been reviewed in prestigious publications such as Gramophone magazine, and his performances have been featured on the Italian national radio station Rai Radio 3. Throughout his career, Bevilacqua has presented over 100 solo concerts and has been a sought-after performer at various festivals, including Vaux Hall Summer, Castel dei Mondi, Mittelfest, Perosi and Legno Vivo, among many others.

In addition to his musical career, Bevilacqua explores multidisciplinary performances between the arts and science. One of his latest projects has involved a recital where the pianist has worn an EEG neuronal headset, capturing their brain activity and transforming it into real-time visual art. The concept creates an immersive environment, offering audiences a glimpse into the profound inner workings of a musician’s mind.



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