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BERIO, LUCIANO (1925–2003)

Complete Piano Works

  • Matteo Bevilacqua, piano
  • Luca Trabucco, piano

The piano was a constant presence throughout Berio’s life, from the charming early Petite Suite to the compelling drama of the Piano Sonata, one of his last works. Berio’s profound exploration of this instrument’s timbres and possibilities is further in evidence in the Webern-like concision of Cinque variazioni and the famously virtuoso Sequenza. The obsessiveness of Rounds and the deeply personal Six Encores complete a recording that marks the 20th anniversary of Berio’s death in 2023.


Petite Suite (1947) (00:09:00 )
I. Prélude (00:01:48)
II. Petit Air I (00:01:20)
III. Gavotte (00:02:52)
IV. Petit Air II (00:01:23)
V. Gigue (00:01:36)
6 Encores: Brin (1990) (00:01:58)
6 Encores: Leaf (1990) (00:01:27)
6 Encores: Wasserklavier (1965) (00:02:56)
6 Encores: Erdenklavier (1969) (00:01:25)
6 Encores: Luftklavier (1985) (00:03:29)
6 Encores: Feuerklavier (1989) (00:03:11)
Sequenza IV (1966) (00:12:00)
Canzonetta (1991) (00:00:37)
Touch (1991) (00:01:37)
5 Variazioni (1953) (00:08:34)
Rounds (version for piano) (1965) (00:03:55)
Piano Sonata (2001) (00:23:58)
Total Time: 01:14:06

The Artist(s)

Matteo Bevilacqua Italian concert pianist Matteo Bevilacqua currently holds the position of artist⁠-⁠in⁠-⁠residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Belgium, studying under the tutelage of renowned pianists Frank Braley and Avedis Kouyoumdjian. Bevilacqua has garnered international recognition, having recorded for esteemed labels such as Naxos Records and Grand Piano. His albums have been reviewed in prestigious publications such as Gramophone magazine, and his performances have been featured on the Italian national radio station Rai Radio 3. www.matteo-bevilacqua.it
Luca Trabucco Renowned Italian concert pianist Luca Trabucco has achieved significant recognition through winning numerous piano competitions. Some of his notable achievements include success at the 1993 Premio Venezia and the 1995 Premio ‘Città di Treviso’, and he was also one of the top prize winners at the prestigious 2005 New Orleans International Piano Competition. Trabucco has captivated audiences worldwide with his performances, and he has collaborated with esteemed organisations such as the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, the Lyceum Club in Florence and Kawai concerts at Bocconi University in Milan. While Trabucco’s repertoire encompasses various musical periods, he has dedicated himself to the works of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, for whom he is an international point of reference. www.lucatrabucco.com

The Composer(s)

Luciano Berio Luciano Berio occupied a leading position in 20th-century music, a pioneer in the use of electronic and avant-garde techniques of composition. He was married for some years to Cathy Berberian, a singer well known for her performances of contemporary music.


“Bevilacqua gives a thrilling and sparkling interpretation…he enables the more dreamy qualities to come to the fore where necessary.” – MusicWeb International