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Aleksandr Levin (1886 - 1960)

Completely unknown in the western world, Aleksandr Levin was the third of three brothers whose careers reflect the changing times. The first, Josef Lhévinne (1874–1944), was a Romantic pianist and well-known teacher who graduated at the top of a class that included both Rachmaninov and Scriabin. The second, Miron Levin (1879–1965) wrote light-hearted waltzes, humoresques and polkas, favoured a decade before that of Aleksandr. The youngest brother was exactly the sort of gifted musician who in those years published foxtrots, tangos, ragtimes, songs and romances for the needs of the market. Titles such as The Snow of Yukon, or Ali, Pearl of the East, or Hockey wink at the various American worldwide successes well known everywhere in the early Twenties.

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