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FIŠER, LUBOŠ (1935–1999)

Complete Piano Sonatas

  • Zuzana Šimurdová, piano

Luboš Fišer was one of the most influential and versatile Czech composers of the 20th century, with a prolific and impressive body of work for the stage, screen and concert hall. Fišer’s eight piano sonatas (of which the second is lost), were composed for the instrument described by the composer as ‘his greatest love of all’. Retaining a special place in Fišer’s oeuvre, they became an intimate diary of his constantly evolving compositional style, from his student days and the neo-classical Sonata No.1, through the experimental sonatas of the 1960s and 1970s, to the simplicity of melodic line and the immediate emotional impact of the final sonata, No. 8.

This recording was made on a modern instrument: Bösendorfer Grand Piano, Model 225


Piano Sonata No. 1 (1955) (00:15:01 )
I. Allegro energico (00:05:24)
II. Andante (00:04:20)
III. Presto (00:05:14)
Piano Sonata No. 3 (1960) (00:13:17 )
I. Grave - Vivace (00:07:22)
II. Adagio (00:05:55)
Piano Sonata No. 4 (1964) * (00:10:11)
Piano Sonata No. 5 (1974) (00:08:23)
Piano Sonata No. 6, "Fras" (1978) (00:06:11)
Piano Sonata No. 7 (1985) * (00:09:38)
Piano Sonata No. 8 (1995) (00:06:17)
* World Première Recording
Total Time: 01:08:55

The Artist(s)

Zuzana Šimurdová Zuzana Šimurdová is a Czech-Canadian pianist fascinated by classical and contemporary music. She has given solo and chamber concerts across Europe, the US, Canada, China and South Korea.

The Composer(s)

Luboš Fišer Luboš Fišer is one of the Czech Republic’s most influential and versatile composers of the 20th century. Many of his compositions were written under difficult political conditions during the Communist regime, setting the basis for the emergence of his particular style, and establishing him as a composer of significance.


Panorama Polska

“Her [Šimurdová] committed interpretations are head and shoulders above the competition” – Panorama Polska


“The interpretation of Zuzana Simurdova makes clear all the contrasts of this intense and vivid music in a masterful way.” – Ritmo

“Zuzana Šimurdová plays with color and affection. Her Bosendorfer sounds gorgeous.” – American Record Guide