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SCHIFRIN, Lalo (b. 1932)

Piano Works

  • Mirian Conti, piano

Lalo Schifrin, the internationally renowned composer of classic film and TV scores such as Bullitt, Dirty Harry and Rush Hour, has collaborated with fellow Argentinian pianist Mirian Conti for this collection of his works for solo piano, including several world premières. A unique arrangement of the famous theme to Mission: Impossible is included, as well as his most recent compositions: the two richly sensuous tangos and the powerful Jazz Sonata, composed especially for Conti.

This recording was made on a modern instrument: Yamaha CFX Concert Grand


Mission: Impossible: Main Theme (version for piano) (1973) * (00:02:01)
Tango: Main Theme, "Tango del Atardecer" (version for piano) (1997) * (00:06:14)
Pampas (version for piano) (2009) * (00:09:17)
Jazz Piano Sonata, Op. 1 (2016 version) (1963) (00:23:57 )
I. Allegro * (00:09:13)
II. Andante * (00:09:58)
III. Molto vivace * (00:04:49)
Danza de los Montes (version for piano) (2005) * (00:04:02)
Theme and 10 Variations on an Original Theme (2016) * (00:11:43)
Tango a Borges (version for piano) (2005) * (00:05:48)
La Calle y la Luna (version for piano) (2005) * (00:08:34)
Lullaby for Jack () (00:01:40)
* World Première Recording
Total Time: 01:13:19

The Artist(s)

Mirian Conti Argentine-American concert pianist Mirian Conti’s recording output and international concerts have garnered praise and awards. In recognition of her extraordinary talent, a scholarship honouring Conti was established at The Juilliard School by the Edwin Bachman Estate. In addition, she was selected as one of 100 Outstanding Alumni to celebrate Juilliard’s centennial in 2005–06. She is on the Faculty of The Juilliard School Evening Division in New York City since 2007, presenting new courses on Classical Piano Literature.

The Composer(s)

A native of the Argentine, the jazz pianist and composer Lalo Schifrin studied in Paris with Koechlin and Messiaen. He continued his career in Buenos Aires, collaborating with Dizzy Gillespie and Quincy Jones.


“Schifrin knows how to write a memorable theme, and Conti, with her strong and clear projection, knows how to sell it.” – Fanfare


“Conti’s performances capture well the rhythmic complexities of these works and communicate their vitality. The melodies are beautifully shaped and this is enhanced by the rich, extended jazz harmonies.” – Cinemusical

Film Score Monthly

“Conti’s performances connect well with the rhythmic vitality of Schifrin’s music, ably delivering the gorgeous melodic content and rich, extended jazz harmonies.” – Film Score Monthly