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Piano Sonatas

Air Anglo-Calédonien Varié • Piano Sonata Op. 25, No. 2 • La Gigue • Piano Sonata Op. 27, No. 1

  • Matteo Napoli, piano

Johann Baptist Cramer made his name in London and Europe as one of the leading pianists of the day. His virtuoso skills at the keyboard can be heard in the florid and playful Variations on an Anglo-Caledonian Air and the ebullient Sonata Op. 25, No. 2. Beginning with an operatic slow introduction marked Patetico e lento, followed by a dramatic Allegro, the Sonata Op. 27, No. 1 anticipates Beethoven in its emotional range.

This recording was made on a modern instrument: Steinway, Model D


Air Anglo-Caledonien Varie () (00:15:10 )
Introduction: Largo (00:02:06)
Air (00:01:17)
Variation 1 (00:00:52)
Variation 2 - Variation 3 (00:02:18)
Variation 4 (00:01:29)
Variation 5 - Variation 6 (00:02:11)
Variation 7: Andante espressivo (00:02:19)
Variation 8: Allegretto - Variation 9 - Coda (00:02:38)
Piano Sonata in D Major, Op. 25, No. 2 () (00:14:20 )
I. Allegro spiritoso (00:06:23)
II. Andantino con moto (00:04:03)
III. Rondo quasi presto (00:04:00)
Piano Sonata in G Major, Op. 39, No. 3, "La Gigue" () (00:14:20 )
I. Adagio espressivo (00:08:33)
II. Scherzo (00:01:47)
III. Presto (00:01:40)
Piano Sonata in F Minor, Op. 27, No. 1 () (00:20:32 )
I. Patetico e lento (00:04:20)
II. Allegro scherzando (00:07:48)
III. Andante con moto (00:02:49)
IV. Rondo allegretto (00:05:41)
World Première Recording
Total Time: 01:02:14

The Artist(s)

Matteo Napoli is an honours graduate of the Giordano Conservatory (Foggia). Early in his career he captured worldwide attention winning many competitions, including First Prize in the International Liszt Competition at Lucca in 1986. He has performed in Europe, as well as in New York, Mexico City, São Paolo, Japan, Australia, China and Malaysia. As a soloist, he has appeared with a number of orchestras, including the Orchestra da Camera di Firenze, Brasov Philharmonic, Ofunam Philharmonic Orchestra, Tirana Opera House, Cyprus Chamber Orchestra, NSO of Malaysia, and, in New Zealand, the Manukau Symphony Orchestra and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.


The Composer(s)

Johann Baptist Cramer established a formidable reputation as a pianist. He made his first appearance as an infant prodigy at the age of 10 and three years later, in 1784, joined Muzio Clementi, briefly his teacher, in a sonata for two pianos. In 1788 Cramer embarked on his first European tour, which took him to Paris and to Berlin, while in London he made his name as one of the leading pianists of the day and as a successful teacher. As a composer he had been prolific, and he had also been involved in music publishing and in the sale of pianos, his name continuing its commercial connection in London well into the twentieth century.


“Matteo Napoli plays with sensitivity and aplomb. His interpretations are tasteful and elegant rather than overtly effusive. He is particularly adept at capturing the humor in much of Cramer’s writing.” – Fanfare

“The general feeling for all these pieces is optimism and cheer. This is wonderfully conveyed by Napoli, who is obviously enjoying himself with these uncomplicated works.” – American Record Guide

“The sound quality of the recording is splendid. The playing is exciting, sympathetic and exacting. …a fine addition to a fairly small corpus of Cramer’s recorded music.” – MusicWeb International