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HENSELT, ADOLF VON (1814–1889)

Piano Works

  • Sergio Gallo, piano

Bavarian-born Adolf von Henselt was one of a galaxy of star pianist-composers of a similar age that included Chopin, Schumann, Liszt and Thalberg. A student of Hummel, Henselt developed a breathtaking, idiosyncratic virtuoso technique but stage fright drew him away from performance and more towards composition and then teaching. Moving to St Petersburg in 1838, he established, with Anton Rubinstein, a truly Russian school of pianism. His piano works embrace ferocious technical studies as well as romantic salon pieces that led Schumann to dub Henselt ‘the Chopin of the North’.


Wiegenlied, Op. 45 () (00:04:08)
Petite Romance (1855) * (00:01:24)
10 Pieces, Op. 13: No. 2. Étude, "La Gondola" () (00:02:07)
2 Nocturnes, Op. 6: No. 1. Schmerz im Glück () (00:03:04)
Valse Mélancolique, Op. 36 () (00:05:28)
2 Petites valses, Op. 28 (1854) (00:05:40 )
No. 1 in F Major (00:02:34)
No. 2 in C Major * (00:03:08)
Waltz (arr. A. von Henselt for piano) () (00:01:27)
6 Romances Russes: No. 6 in D Minor (after Dargomizhsky) () * (00:02:57)
12 Études caractéristiques, Op. 2 () (00:24:00 )
No. 6 in F-Sharp Major, "Si oiseau j'étais, a toi je volerais!" (00:02:04)
No. 3 in B Minor, "Exauce mes voeux!" (00:03:11)
No. 4 in B-Flat Major, "Repos d'amour" (00:01:32)
12 Études Caractéristiques, Op. 2: No. 2 in D-Flat Major, "Pensez un peu a moi, qui pense toujours a vous!" (00:02:57)
12 Études de Salon, Op. 5 () (00:24:00 )
No. 3 in A Minor, "Hexentanz" (00:01:52)
No. 9 in A Major (00:02:28)
12 Études de Salon, Op. 5: No. 6 in A-Flat Major, "Danklied nach Sturm" (00:07:21)
Erinnerung und Freundschaft, Op. 4: No. 1. Rhapsodie () (00:02:20)
Aufforderung zum Tanze (Invitation to the Dance), Op. 65, J. 260 (arr. A. von Henselt for piano) (1819) * (00:09:05)
* World Première Recording
Total Time: 00:59:07

The Artist(s)

Sergio Gallo

A Steinway artist, Sergio Gallo specializes in the repertoire of the Romantic period, especially Liszt and his contemporaries, including Schumann, Henselt, Brahms, and Chopin. Gallo has made several acclaimed recordings for Eroica, and a recent release with Naxos of Liszt’s transcriptions of opera by Meyerbeer, which was critically acclaimed by BBC Magazine: “Gallo makes a good case for Liszt’s honouring of the operatic originals” (Naxos 8.573235). Gallo has performed with orchestras throughout the Americas and worldwide. He is the winner of concerto competitions of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and of the University Symphony in Santa Barbara. He holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara (1998) and is Associate Professor of Piano Performance at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

The Composer(s)

Adolf von Henselt was born in the Bavarian town of Schwabach on 9 May 1814. Praised by Liszt for his unequalled cantabile playing, Henselt belonged to a galaxy of star pianists who were all of a similar age. These included Chopin, Schumann, Thalberg and, of course, Liszt. Although Henselt began his musical studies on the violin, he soon changed to the piano and made spectacularly rapid progress. It was as a child that he developed a strong and permanent affinity with the musical Romanticism of Carl Maria von Weber.


“Sergio Gallo exhibits all the technical mastery and musical sensitivity to show these pieces at their best.” – Fanfare

“[Sergio Gallo’s] playing is lively and attractive, and he planned this program intelligently to present the listener with variety and contrast as well as the flavor of this composer’s lovely music.” – American Record Guide

“Throughout we have the feeling that Sergio Gallo has developed a great affection for the music, and that he is intent on persuading the listener to join his delight.” – David Denton