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Mikael Ayrapetyan

Mikael Ayrapetyan is a pianist, composer, producer and teacher, as well as a researcher and public figure. He has done much to popularise Armenian classical music all over the world with his Secrets of Armenia musical project, which began during his studies at the Moscow State Conservatory in the class of Professor Mikhail Sergeyevich Voskresensky. The performing traditions of Konstantin Igumnov, Samuil Feinberg and Lev Oborin are reflected in Ayrapetyan’s performances of the extensive Armenian piano heritage.

Ayrapetyan was born in 1984 in Yerevan, Armenia into a family of musicians and theatre actors. His parents instilled in him a love of art and music, and together with his brother, Grant Ayrapetyan, he began to study music from the age of six. A prodigious musical talent soon become evident, and the family moved to Moscow in order to provide the best musical education for the children.

It was during his studies at the Moscow State Conservatory that Ayrapetyan began to immerse himself in Armenian piano heritage, paying special attention to rarely performed works by Armenian composers – the research and study of which remains paramount to his career as a pianist.

This period was the start of his extensive concert activity in which he performs works by Tigranian, Chukhadjian, Komitas, Melikian, Spendiarian, Barkhudarian, Stepanian, Khachaturian, Babajanian, Arutyunian, Abrahamian, Bagdasarian, Avetisian, Mirzoyan, Amirkhanian and many other Armenian composers, which eventually led him to produce his own concerts. It was during this time that the Secrets of Armenia musical project gained momentum while he simultaneously engaged in social activities, including introducing young people to classical music. During this time, Russia’s leading scientific periodicals published a number of his articles on research in the field of Armenian classical music.

After completing his studies at the Moscow State Conservatory, Ayrapetyan performed widely in many countries, receiving an enthusiastic response from critics and audiences alike. In 2014, he was invited to teach in China, where he combines university teaching and concert activities. He was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Armenia for his outstanding contribution to the development and popularisation of Armenian classical music.

For more information, visit www.secretsofarmenia.com.


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